Sunday, March 10, 2013

My BABY gets Baptized.....

How can my baby be old enough to be baptized?  I have had that thought MANY times lately.  For whatever reason, it didn't bother me when he started Kindergarten. He was so happy, and I was, frankly a little tired of folding clothes with one hand and fighting light saber battles with the other!  But this right of passage is really striking me....I get teary just writing about it so let's move on to some photos instead!

Brothers, my oldest boy and my youngest boy, if we are getting technical about it my only boys.

Carter Michael Noftle
Carter and Dad

                                                                            With his folks.
Mom and baby.  For the record I used to hate it when I saw the baby of the family being treated like a baby-also for the record Carter climbs on my lap almost every Sacrament meeting and I hold him like a baby and ask him if he will sit on my lap when he is 12, 16, 18, 25, 35, etc.....he answers yes every time.  Today I asked him if he was going to sit on my lap when he was 66 and I was 100 and he said "yes, but you will be so old you might drop me and then I'll break my hip because I will be so old"!  That's love folks, willing to break a hip in order to be held by his Mother!!
 Yet another Happy, happy, Zoe expression!  Actually Michael is looking a little "Zoeish" in this shot also.  Hmmm wonder what I did right before this picture to tick those two off?
In his Whites
Two of the males I love most in the world.
With Grandpa Kent, Grandma Louise, Grandma Beve, and Grandpa Fred.

Zoe had the camera and I had to include this photo, it's one of 3 where she cut off Fred's head!!  Tall people are tricky to photograph!!

Carter and Katie, shared their baptism day.

Five of my most favorite people in the world.
Sierra 12, Sammi 15 3/4, Jackson 17, Carter 8, Zoe 9 3/4
Liked this one of Aunt Brenda showering Carter with her love!!

Dad, Aunt Marci, and Cougar Man---the kids loved that Aunt Brenda and Aunt Marcie came, when Carter found out they were coming he said "SCORE"!

Aunts and their Nephew---Aunt Courtney, Aunt Brenda, and Aunt Marcie.


Louise said...

Love the pictures- it was an awesome day!

Brooke said...

Becky you make me laugh so hard! I even snorted! Can't believe Baby Carter is 8! Holy cow! You have a beautiful family! Congrats Carter. Xox

Granny DeeAnn said...

How did Cougar man 'boy' get to be eight? That was very sneaky of him. Love following your blog almost as much as I love you! You have been a busy lady and I don't know how you do it. It's not the diet coke b/c I do that too. Maybe it's where you buy it. lol

Brenda said...

Soo stinking glad I came. I scored bigger than Cougar Man.