Saturday, January 19, 2013

Histio 3 Round 12 day 4 OR Glad Its Not My Job!!

For months Children's hospital has been warning us all that they are implementing a new "way finding" system at the hospital in preparation for opening the new addition to the already ginormous maze of a hospital that it is.  But this trip we could see they were down right serious.  For 13 years we have seen the same, gone to the same "WHALE 6" oncology clinic when we come.  This time we see signs that "times are a changing".

Not Whales, Giraffes, Trains, Balloons, Airplanes and Rockets any more.  Make way for Mountains, Rivers, and Oceans.
There it is side by side--the old and the new.
I can't say I wasn't warned these signs have been up for a couple of months, and guess what Jan. 20, 2013 is TOMORROW.  Just think of it, elevator buttons (floor number are changing for example instead of Whale 6 Oncology is now on Mountain 8 --- and the Bear elevator not the rocket, or you could take the frog to 7 which used to be train 5 see the issues!!)  In fact when we were inpatient with our roomates I was explaining to Hunters parents how to take him to the play room which is on floor 2 down the train elevators. But at that point someone had ripped the paper off and you could see Frog 4 on the play room floor too.  I hope when Jax and I go in tomorrow we can find our way back out!!  When we left today they were taking down all the parking lot signs and changing the floor levels for that too---Massive amount of work.  On our schedule for next months MRI it says to go to Location:  Mountain 8 (on Jan. 20th Balloon 6 becomes Mountain 8) the ortho appt says Ocean 6 (as of Jan. 20th Whale 4 becomes Ocean 6)  Every appointment thats 7 explanations for our easy peezy no chemo day next month!!  Like I said "glad its not my job"  to switch this all over.  But wierd enough all this change makes me sad, its silly but Whale 6 takes care of Jax NOT Mountain 8.  Sorry shouldn't let you all see my crazy like that!!
In the hallway on the floor where Jackson was inpatient they had this picture blown up huge talking about Oncology inpatient ward being moved to the new "building of hope" that has been under construction the last couple of years.  The ironworkers wrote the inpatient patients names on the beams so they could look out their rooms and see their names.  Remember this is months ago when Jackson wasn't inpatient so we know it wasn't for him but.....
Hi Jackson!!


Louise said...

Wow, glad its not my job either! Actually the timing for all these changes at SCMC are perfect. Jackson is heading in a new direction with his new chemo drugs just like the hospital signs. Its all good. Heres to the "New Building of Hope"

Katie said...

This makes me sad too!!! Change is just hard, even re-naming floors and elevators- I think with the constant change we have with our kiddos, especially our kids living with life-threatening illnesses, little things like this make me want to cry too. I like familiarity...I, like you, have a history with the train elevators and giraffe floor. I'm sad too Becky. But like you're wise mama said, new building=new hope! I totally agree...but whoa, confusing.